Things girls should know about high school

1. Just because everyone is wearing it, doesn’t mean you need to.

2. High school boys are never going to be what you need them to be.

3. Friends are always going to come and go, but your mom will never leave. Don’t forgot to build a relationship with her.

4. Don’t let girls with mean intentions get the best of you. They are insecure and feel the need to rip people down in order to make themselves feel better.

5. Careful what you put on social media. 

6. Skip class once. Go get some food and relax in a quiet place.

7. Dress up, dress down, who cares. Do what makes you feel comfortable and don’t care what other people think.

8. Find the girls that will laugh, cry, and hug with you. Those are the girls you should be spending Saturday nights with.

9. Sit next to the person sitting alone in class. They could be contemplating taking their life. Be a friend to everyone even if it might hurt your social status.

10. Bring healthy snacks to class. Snicker at the jealous people eyeing you.

11. Do your homework. Its important.

12. Join new clubs you would never join.

13. Just because you didn’t get invited to the parties the “popular” kids are at, doesn’t mean you aren’t loved.

14. The “popular” kids are only popular because they decided they were.

15. There will be boys that whisper pretty words in your ear and make you feel like a princess walking on flowers. Make sure they want to touch your heart and not just you.

16. Heart break and bad grades may feel like the end of the world. They are not.

17. Don’t judge others based on what you’ve heard. Get to know them for yourself

18. Never change for others.

(via emeraldized)